Planning for the 2017 Post Grad Party is well underway, and the committee needs your help.  All parents are encouraged to assist - not just parents of seniors!!


We are in need of approximately 160 parent volunteers for 2017, as well as new Committee Members willing to be trained to help run future parties.


Please visit Post Grad Party to get a better idea of how the party runs and see the joy on the faces of the seniors as they participate in the evening’s festivities, and then sign up to volunteer!


Contact with any questions.


What Day Is It? How Do Snow Days and Shortened Days Impact Scheduling?



At RHS, letter days (A-H) are assigned to the calendar at the beginning of the school year.  Those letters can be seen on the Calendar on the RHS Website at any time. Unexpected closures, delayed openings and early dismissals impact that schedule in different ways. 



  • Snow Day - The letter day is skipped.  Whenever students return to school, it will be the previously-assigned letter day for that date.  For example, Monday is an A Day. It snows overnight, and school is cancelled on Tuesday (a B Day).  When school resumes on Wednesday, it will be a C Day.
  • Delayed Opening (2 hour or 3 hour) - The previously-assigned letter day remains, and all classes for that day are held in the usual rotation for a shortened period.  Lunch is served.
  •  Unscheduled Early Dismissal (announced prior to the start of school but not on calendar) - The previously-assigned letter day remains, and all classes for that day are held in the usual rotation for a shortened period.  Lunch is not served.
  • Planned Early Dismissal (such as day before Thanksgiving or Professional Development days) - No letter is assigned to this day on the calendar.  Every section (1-8) meets for a shortened period.   Lunch is not served.
  • Emergency Dismissal (power outage, water main breaks, etc.) - The previously-assigned letter day remains.  The number and length of periods will depend on the nature and timing of the emergency necessitating the dismissal.  In some instances, a limited number of full-length classes may be held; in some instances, shortened classes may be held; in other instances, the students may be required to remain in whatever class they are in at the time the dismissal is called.   




The RHS PTSA Nominating Committee is working to fill vacancies on the PTSA Executive Board and among our Committee Chairs.  Any parents interested in serving on the Executive Board or as a Committee Chair (or in any other volunteer capacity) are encouraged to reach out to the Nominating Committee.


Among other open positions, the Nominating Committee is looking for a person to serve as the TREASURER on the RHS PTSA Executive Boardstarting July 2017 for 2017/2018 school year.


Feed the Tiger

The RHS PTSA does not  hold fundraisers throughout the year. The Virtual Fundraiser is our only fundraising activity. Please consider donating.

Donate to Post Grad Celebration

Food, fun, games, and AMAZING PRIZES allow our new grads to enjoy their graduation night with friends in a safe, alcohol-free environment. Mark your calendar for 6/23. Donate now to make this event possible for our students.

Parents of Seniors

Hard to keep track of the many pending deadlines for the Class of 2017?  We’ve got all the info in one place to help you tackle this daunting task.


The Senior Class Info page offers all the latest information.  Consider it your one-stop destination to organization.  Currently the page outlines the various yearbook deadlines … Financial Aid Presentation, submission of outside portraits, and Graduation Ceremony info.   Information will be added and updated as the year progresses.


Check it out under the Programs/Events tab. You’ll be glad you did.

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