Senior Portrait Pose

All seniors may choose any vertical portrait for the senior section of the yearbook through the Prestige website. All pose choices must be made by January 15th. Any student who does not choose a pose by that date will have a pose chosen automatically by Prestige. 

Senior Quotes Submission

To submit a senior quote, the senior must be logged into his or her school gmail account to access the survey at this link:   https://goo.gl/forms/oBnwOfUQ3a2hEnQA3

Quotes must be school appropriate, contain no references to other students, and can be denied by yearbook staff.  Senior quotes must be submitted by January 15.

Senior Ads

Anyone who wishes to purchase an ad for the back of the yearbook for a senior may do so by visiting www.yearbookordercenter.com with the school code 14197. This is your opportunity to showcase any outside photos that you may have had taken of your senior, share memories, and wish your senior luck. The price of your ad is dependent upon the size that you choose to make it.


You can also place ads for your business in this section of the yearbook, should you wish to do so.


The deadline for senior ads is January 31. Order now, space is limited!



2019 Yearbooks on Sale 

The 2019 RHS yearbook is available for purchase at www.yearbookordercenter.com. The school code is 14197. Yearbooks are $90.


For more yearbook information visit:  https://sites.google.com/ridgefieldps.net/yearbook/home






How to Talk to Today's Kids About Sex

Wednesday, January 16, 7pm, Ridgefield Library


Join us as Ridgefield health educator, Barbara Lohse, RN, MS, offers valuable tips on what to say, when to say it - and how.  

Click here for more details and click here to register.


Click here for the full Schedule of Parent Workshops (2018-2019) from Project Resilience


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The RHS PTSA does not hold fundraisers throughout the year. This Virtual Fundraiser is our only fundraising activity! Please consider donating.

Join the RHS PTSA

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Sports Pass 2018/2019

Get your annual sports pass now.  Sports passes are good for all regular season games at RHS, all year! Send this form in to RHS (along with your check) and GO TIGERS!